KenyaHelp: a Small Nonprofit with a Big Impact

Education is a fundamental element to a healthy society. When the people of a community lack access to quality education, the ramifications are deep and often times debilitating. Low education is shown to lead to poor health, significantly lower income, which in turn can lead to things such as low voter turnout/exploitative government, higher rates of HIV AIDs, economic problems, brain drain, the list goes on and on and the research is extremely solid.

In the African nation of Kenya, education is only offered through the eighth grade, and after that students are expected to pay their way through high school. With rampant poverty and a widespread HIV/AIDs problem, it can be virtually impossible for many bright young kids to come up with the money for High School.

Enter KenyaHelp, a small Nonprofit based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin who’s sole goal is raising the money necessary to send these kids to school. Through local fundraising and networking, KenyaHelp has send about 80 kids through High School and this semester alone they are sending 40 schoolchildren.

More recently, KenyaHelp has started a secondary fund to help graduates afford to apply for Post-Secondary schooling. This has allowed many Kenyan adults to pursue advanced degrees from Chemical Engineering to Environmental Science.

These are some of the students that KenyaHelp has aided in getting into college.

KenyaHelp is a small organization that has 501(c)(3) status, meaning that it is an accredited charity. 100% of the money that is collected goes directly to funding Kenyan education. All overhead costs are covered by a board of directors. By staying local and staying relatively small, KenyaHelp is able to avoid many of the hangups that accompany larger organizations. There is no disconnect between the founders and their projects, and no bureaucracy to get in the way of helping these children.

Positive Activism was given the opportunity to attend a charity event held in Green Bay in November, and we are confident when we say that money sent to KenyaHelp, is money that will directly change the lives of bright and talented Kenyan children.

In a world where “aid” is pouring into Africa and often lost in corruption and bureaucracy, KenyaHelp is mastering the art of putting their money where their mouth is. We strongly encourage making a donation of any kind to this dedicated group. As a resident of Green Bay, it is inspiring to see a local group of men and women looking beyond state and national borders.

Find them at

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2 Comments on “KenyaHelp: a Small Nonprofit with a Big Impact

  1. I am glad you were able to learn about KenyaHELP, Inc. at our annual Harambee fundraiser! Harambee means “let’s pull together!” I had hoped to talk to as many people as I could about these amazing kids. We are blessed to be able to make a big difference in the lives of bright children whose future would otherwise be repeating the same cycle of poverty. We are very proud of the leadership that these students are showing to everyone around them and the new-found service to others within their own country! We set the example when we help lead the 3 day leadership retreat in Kenya with the graduate students and they are doing service projects as small groups in Kenya. If you want to see a great movie about education in Kenya AND how small acts can make big differences, please watch “A Small Act.” Our education charity is very similar to the one shown and there is a amazing surprise inside the documentary! I have been to Kenya twice with KenyaHELP and am looking forward to seeing my “adopted” Kenyan brothers and sisters again soon! We also have contact with the Kenyan students on a regular basis via email and a private Facebook Group just for them to share stories/photos/encouragements! Bruce C, Green Bay, WI. Board Member

    • hae bruce i really miss u guy.i miss the great times we have had as a family i love u guys for supporting mi pursue my secondary education for four years may the almighty God be with u alwaz n make u prosper in everything u do .i love u and i promise to continue the same spirit wen i make my own money love u bruce thannks

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