Kenyan Education Service Trip

You may already be familiar with our Kenyan Education Initiative, the fundraiser in which our fans (that’s you) raised over $3,000 in order to fund the education of poor children in Meru Kenya.

If you are not, we strongly urge you to click on the link above and check it out! (Find the original post here)

We are very proud and excited to announce that Positive Activism will be flying to Kenya in August in order to work directly with the kids and to document how our donors’ money is being spent!

Please check out the donation page by clicking on the donate button here or at the bottom of the page.


We have been offered the incredible opportunity to join KenyaHELP, a Wisconsin nonprofit organization, in a service trip to Meru, Kenya in order to build connections with Kenyan children and ensure they receive the education they deserve. However, We need your help to make this happen.

But first, lets talk about what we’ll be doing in Kenya, and exactly who we’ll be working with.

The Problem
In Kenya, the government only provides education through the eighth grade. In order to attend secondary school students are required to take a National Exam (KCPE) that determines their education track. If students do well enough on the test, they must then come up with hundreds of dollars in order to pay for uniforms, tuition, and books required for high school. Many families make less than $1 day. Essentially, if a child is born to an underprivileged family, their chances of receiving the education they need to earn a living wage job are significantly lower or non-existent.

Where: The Republic of Kenya, Population: 40.5 million.

Some quick facts about Kenya.
Literacy rate is 87.38%.
Their GDP was at $33.6 billion per year in 2011
Gini Coefficient: 0.477
Over 10% real unemployment nationwide.
Doctors: 0.14 per 1,000 people
Hospital Beds: 1.4 beds per 1,000 people
HIV/AIDS rate: 80,000 deaths annually, approx 1.5 million infections currently.

We’ll be working in Meru, Kenya, whose pop is just around 50,000 people. 

When: August 1st – 18th. We will fly from Green Bay in the morning on the 1st and arrive in Nairobi at about 8 pm local time. We will be returning to the United States on August 18th at approx 6 pm Central Standard Time.

Who: We will be traveling with a group of adults associated with the Green Bay, WI nonprofit KenyaHELP.

Why KenyaHELPBy design, KenyaHELP has virtually no overhead cost. Meaning that 100% of donations received go directly to the kids that need them. Donations are converted into real things the students need, like reading lamps, clothes, books, and tuition.

And, by working directly with the students in Kenya, the 501 c3 certified nonprofit ensures that they are getting the education and treatment that they deserve.

The answer is education. Knowledge is indeed power, and by paying for the education of these deserving children, we are empowering them to make a positive change in their homeland.

What do we need?

Approx $2500 for airfare ($500 has been sponsored)

$1,500 for land costs IE: travel, food, housing. (This has also been sponsored)

This means that we need approximately $2,000 to cover our airfare to Nairobi. Even the smallest of donations would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, WHY us?

We have already worked closely with KenyaHELP and the Meru students.

Despite being young, we have already made an impact in the lives of many people that we will never meet, and with your help we plan to continue this path until we can pay the way for a new generation of philanthropists.

Cheers, and thank you so much for your help!


Ryan J Dunk.

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