Always Aim to Be the Best You Can Be


Let us talk about choices. Let us talk about the course of life. Let us talk about making a difference. Let us talk about individuality and let us talk about collaboration. This is an article on perspective and the truth of life. My instinct is to say that now more than ever is a time to reflect upon ourselves, the issues of the world, and try to create change.

But to say that would be wrong. Within our life span we always have choices and those choices can either positively or negatively shape the individual,  affect others, AND even the world!  The message: We should ALWAYS aim to be the best we can be; it is that simple.

A friend of mine had verbalized those words to me a long time ago and they have changed my worldview completely. It has changed how I view myself, my choices, and my lifestyle . I had never thought of living my life like that. I always thought that the goal was to be a good person and in general people tend to think of these two as the same. Being a good person while also being the best that you can be is a personal journey that requires independent reflection of one’s values, morals, goals, and personal perspective; it is all about how the individual views positive action. Being a good person is also personal, but that cardinal rule is mostly a reflection on society’s view of what constitutes a “good person”. We have to look within ourselves and decide how we, as individuals, can improve ourselves and thus, improve the world around us.  When I discovered the basic idea that I could constantly improve who I was little by little, I have never stopped.  The phrase, “always aim to be the best you can be” forced me to both consider and reconsider my values while giving me clarity. My choices became conscious and my reformed actions snowballed. I began to learn more about the world around me. I started to consider the weight of every option I made in a more in-depth way than I had ever done before. I now consider the impact of choices that I had never once contemplated. As a result, it has helped me improve the world, even if it is in a small way.

Why am I bringing this up? Sometimes we need to be reminded of our immense human capability to improve and transform.  Sometimes this logic seems so obvious that we do not pay attention to it. We should never underestimate our capabilities to improve and capacity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

Every choice we make affects something else and it undoubtedly affects us. Aiming to be the best we can be does not mean aiming to change the world single-highhandedly with every choice we make or extensively limiting our choices. It means considering how our choices impact the world on a daily basis and how they shape us and how they shape others. Doing this will make us happy, make others happy, and spread a positive example, thus making the world a happier place. Human beings are amazing creatures who are capable of so much positivity. Let us shape the world in a positive light every day.

About the Author
LexiAlexandria Thibodeaux: vegan, environmentalist, health nut, lover of love, Montessori teachers’ assistant, and aspiring holistic dietician.

2 Comments on “Always Aim to Be the Best You Can Be

  1. Alexandria,
    Your article reminds us of the real aspects of orenda – thanks for taking the time to do so. Such a concept can’t be emphasized enough, as there is always room for positive movement and change.

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