South Africa, CAR, Syria, and Sochi in this week’s Activist Update.

Welcome to our newest segment here at Positive Activism. Activist Update will premiere every Sunday or Monday featuring the latest and most important news stories pertinent to the activist community.


©-POPULOUS-Sochi-2014-Olympic-Stadium_Internal1Earlier this week, Russian Civil Society activist Yevgeny Vitishko was arrested and charged with “petty hooliganism” as he swore near a bus stop.

Activists are concerned that Vitishko’s arrest is part of a crackdown on descenters as the Olympic games ramp up. Read On

Central African Republic

“There are growing concerns that the massive funding crisis for peacekeeping operations in the Central African Republic (CAR) will jeopardise any prospect of restoring stability to the country. ”

Experts fear that peacekeeping forces are understaffed and underfunded as conflict continues to ravage the CAR. Read On

CAR soldiers publicly lynched a suspected ex-rebel, earlier this week, drawing outcry from the United States.

“This sectarian violence must end,” said US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki in a statement.

“The people of CAR must seize the opportunity afforded by its newly appointed transitional leadership and a strong level of international support to end the present crisis and move toward a stable and peaceful society.” Read On

South Africa


Thousands of striking miners have been assaulted by South African Police, claiming that the platinum workers had become violent, warranting stun grenades and rubber bullets. On January 30th, miners rejected a new wage offer, and have since been in protest. Read On


The deadline by which Syria was to have destroyed their chemical weapons has come and gone uneventfully. The regime has claimed that ‘safety concerns’ are delaying the process while critics argue that no such concerns exist. Read On

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