Op-ed: A Massacre of Wolves is Taking Place

For about two years now, a wolf genocide has been occurring in North America. The population of Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies have plummeted; a slaughter of 2700 wolves in six states has occurred as of February 2014 (predatordefense.org).  Why? Because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to take gray wolves off the endangered species list in the lower 48 states, thus, removing them from federal protection. Their reason for proposing this is because they feel that gray wolves are no longer endangered in the Northern Rockies region. While gray wolves did make a comeback and slowly began to recover their natural ranges after being covered by the Endangered Species act In 1973, they are still considered endangered by scientists.  In fact, there is no scientific literature supporting the claim that these animals have made a full recovery. However, scientific literature from the Center of Biological Diversity does state that today, only 5,000-6,000 wolves inhabited about 5 percent of their historic range in 2013. So the real reason the FWS is proposing this is not only beyond me, but the scientific community as well.

Furthermore, wolf persecution has also continued to persist in the U.S. due to hunting and livestock interests. While there has been a war on wolves for centuries, the bloodshed began to resurface when President Obama removed federal protection from gray wolves in Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming and Michigan in April of 2011. Montana and Idaho won the rights to hunt and kill wolves in the most gruesome of ways, as a result of anti-wolf interests. Then Wyoming was pushing to be taken off the list because they wanted to take the wolf killings even further than their Rockie neighbors. Wyoming got what they wanted and since then, we’ve seen gruesome results. Furthermore, reports have stated that in Wyoming, wolves were chased by hunters on snowmobiles for miles until they could no longer run, and then shot”(Hodgdon). To add to that, “just this past December, the state of Idaho allowed a private group to hold a wolf and coyote-hunting derby for cash prizes” (Silverstone) and even allowed children to participate. Furthermore, “If that was not cruel enough, the state subsequently hired a bounty hunter to exterminate two entire wolf packs in a remote wilderness area” (Silverstone). And gray wolves can and have been attacked right outside of Yellowstone. Hunters don’t even need a license to hunt these wolves! And in reference to livestock interests, once again, statistical research does not support that wolves attack an unsettling number of cattle. This cruel and inhumane trapping, shooting, and snaring is truly despicable. It seems as if gray wolves are being attacked everywhere they roam. In fact, they will be if wolves lose protection in the remaining lower 48 states. This brutality has become a nightmare and could result in extinction!

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Photo Credit: National Geographic

In addition to the brutality, the reason it is so critical to protect these top of the food chain predators is because they are crucial to preserving the homeostasis of the ecosystem. If they don’t sustain their native prey of deer and elk a domino effect spills down the whole ecosystem. “If the elk population becomes too big, then the elk (the plant eaters) over eat the plants, which means those who also depend on the plants (like birds or beavers) also become affected. A stable wolf population equals more balance in the ecosystem, which yields a healthier and biodiverse Mother Earth” (Silverstone).

See video below to see how just how wolves affect the ecosystem.

What you can do:

Spread the word about this wolf holocaust and continue the fight to protect them! Together, let’s take action and demand the U.S. Forest Service and Idaho agency heads, commissioners, and elected officials discontinue the inhumane hunt. Additionally, sign a petition demonstrating your support to maintain the gray wolf as a federally protected species, for the benefit of earth and generations to come.



If you would like to learn more, find another video below detailing the American struggle the Gray wolf has and is still enduring.


Sierra Club

Center for Biological Diversity

Defenders of Wildlife

Predator Defense

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LexiAlexandria Thibodeaux: vegan, environmentalist, health nut, lover of love, Montessori teachers’ assistant, and aspiring holistic dietician.

4 Comments on “Op-ed: A Massacre of Wolves is Taking Place

  1. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate
    you finding the time and energy to put this information together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading
    and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

  2. If I ever see an aerial hunt and I have a firearm I will do all I can to take the plane or copter out and down… I believe it is my right and the correct and responsible thing to do!

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