Wrapping up the Homeless Alleviation campaign

On December 1st 2014 we began taking donations for a small campaign in Madison WI aimed at supplying homeless shelters and people with the supplies they need to weather another cold winter. Within a few weeks we had already surpassed our funding goal, and on January 15th, members of the Positive Activism community delivered: hundreds of diapers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, blankets, hair care products, feminine hygiene products, and donation checks to Madison homeless shelters The Road Home and Porchlight.

Additionally, through the generosity of our donors and hard work of a few volunteers, we were able to purchase the materials for, create, and deliver seventy two care packages that will be handed out to Madison’s homeless population if/when they cannot be admitted to shelters.

Each care package contains hand and foot warmers, food, hats, socks, gloves, water, toothpaste and a tooth brush, hand sanitizer, and Kleenex.

Ben Fletcher, a PA volunteer, cheerfully delivering care packages to the Road Home.

Ben Fletcher, a PA volunteer, cheerfully delivering care packages to the Road Home.

We here at Positive Activism want to thank each and every one of you who donated, shared, talked about, and participated in our fundraiser. Without our supporters, none of this would have been possible!

The supplies and money donated will go a long way in helping the Madison Homeless community survive the winter and our area shelters are better equipped to fulfill their mission thanks to your generosity – THANK YOU!

3 Comments on “Wrapping up the Homeless Alleviation campaign

  1. Thank you so much for all you are doing…not only to help the homeless, but in spreading the word. I was homeless for a short time this year, and though not on the street, I have a whole new view of what it is like to be adrift…to belong nowhere. Thanks again.

    • Thank you, Kim, for following and adding your voice to the project! We are glad to hear that your time while homeless was brief.

      • You are most welcome. I am still getting reestablished, but all is coming together nicely. I was able to get housing through the Shelter Plus Care program in my area, and have just started job training with The Star Foundation. It’s wonderful to be able to access local resources. I am on my way!

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