Positive Activism

Category: Opportunities

Help Us Alleviate Homelessness In Madison WI This Winter!

There are thousands of individuals in Madison and the surrounding areas that spend the entirety of winter doing one thing – trying to stay alive. Help us change that.

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Help us Stand in Solidarity with Workers!

After moving to Missoula, Montana, I was quickly swept up in a movement that is too important not to share. Good Jobs Missoula is a grassroots, action research campaign that is striving to turn low-wage jobs into good jobs. One…

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The Power of Microfinancing

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” I like this adage because it is totally wrong.

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Always Aim to Be the Best You Can Be

Within our life span we always have choices and those choices can either positively or negatively shape the individual, affect others, AND even the world! The message: We should ALWAYS aim to be the best we can be; it is that simple.

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KenyaHelp: a Small Nonprofit with a Big Impact

Education is a fundamental element to a healthy society. When the people of a community lack access to quality education, the ramifications are deep and often times debilitating. Low education is shown to lead to poor health, significantly lower income, which in turn…

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