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Summer 2016 Activist Spotlight – Emily Giles

This summer’s activist in focus is Emily Giles an art therapist focused on using the creative process to help strengthen individuals and communities.

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In Defense of Bernie Sanders

In August this author questioned Bernie’s motives, now he’s urging us to vote for the Vermont Senator in the primaries.

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Refugee Realities Post-Paris

It is unreasonable to deny these individuals help because we are afraid of what might happen if we give them their lives back. That is not how humanity works.

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Paris in the Days After

The people of Paris did not die at the hands of the Islamic State so we could surrender our ideals to fanatics.

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Pearson’s Department of State: Should Corporations be Allowed to Decide Who Serves in Government?

Pearson, the education publishing giant is the gatekeeper for those wishing to serve at the department of state. Should corporations be allowed to control who becomes public servants and who doesn’t?

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Activist Watch List: The Century of the Self

The Century of the Self is a British documentary written, produced, and narrated by Adam Curtis, originally airing in 2002 on BBC 4. The series identifies the multitude of ways in which powerful interests, both public and private, have used psychoanalysis to control populations

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Opinion: Bernie Sanders, the Sheepdog Socialist

Will Sanders’s campaign usher in change for the Democratic Party, or will it serve to Shepard young liberals into Hilary’s camp? One socialist weighs in on Bernie’s legitimacy as a candidate and as a progressive.

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70 Years Of Nuclear Weapons Is Enough: 1945-2015.

Originally posted on THE ONENESS of HUMANITY:
by Jerry Alatalo “If we do not abolish war on this Earth, then surely, one day war will abolish us from this Earth.”   Speech, Independence, Mo., 1966 – HARRY S. TRUMAN (1884-1972)…

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8/11 Activist Update

Update: US State Department tampered with Human Trafficking Report, Activists Under Attack, and Sudan Accused of War Crimes.

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The World We Want: From MDGs to Sustainable Development

The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015 provides us with both a reason to cheer and motivation to continue bettering our world. But there is more to be done!

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