Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Positive Activism. Click “Learn More” to read about our credentials, focus areas, hobbies, and quirks. We’ve got artists, writers, editors, founders, jokers, tokers, midnight okay you get the idea. But seriously, come check us out and learn more about us!


Sarah in South AfricaI’m Sarah! I live in Buffalo, New York where I am working on my masters in Social Work. I have been involved with activism for several years now and worked mainly in the areas of women’s rights and peace work but am also interested in disability rights and food politics. I am thrilled be a part of the Positive Activism movement because it’s so important to see the bright side of what we are doing rather than get lost in the way traditional media works. This is a great space to focus on the beautiful things we are all doing to make the world a better place!


LexiMy name is Alexandria Thibodeaux and I go by Lexi, but some old friends know me as Alex or Tibs – call me by either. I’m a vegan, environmentalist, & philanthropist, with a spunky and compassionate personality. I have a B.A. in psychology from Saint Louis University and I am currently a teacher’s assistant at a Montessori infant and toddler school, and love being part of the Montessori education system. I strive to be a holistic dietician and health coach. Both mental and physical health are very important to me and I have a strong belief that practicing a holistic lifestyle will promote and maintain mental & physical health and well being. Therefore, I believe this career path will allow me help others improve their lives. In addition to nutrition and lifestyle practices, I have a myriad of passions, and those closest to my core include compassion for animals, respect for and preserving the environment, supporting fair trade, promoting change for the physical and mental healthcare system in the U.S., and non-traditional approaches to education. I am very excited to be a part of this team and organization and to spread awareness!



Hello Everyone! My name is Emily. I am currently working towards a Master’s in the Science of Art Therapy with an interest in social action and expressive arts at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

My interests lie in creating artwork and using it in a way with a social impact whether it be creating artwork about a social issue or working with people who can benefit from the creation of artwork. My heart holds a special place for creating art with members my community. I truly believe that the connections that can be made with people through the creation of artwork can be beneficial on an individual level and have a positive impact on society as a whole.

I joined Positive Activism with the hope to give the organization a creative outlet as well as support. I enjoy helping develop projects for Positive Activism and helping spread the organization’s activism goals with the community.  I feel as though the ability to create artwork is a gift and I want to give my gift back to those around me. My ultimate goal is to make those I work with aware that they are capable, powerful, cared for, and loved.


LarissaHello! My name is Larissa, I am Brazilian and the youngest in PA team. I have just graduated from a military school in Brasilia and started studying Journalism at the university here while I wait for results from American universities.

I have been involved with non-profits for about four years but only last year my involvement became international, when I started advocating for Invisible Children. Thereafter, I realized the importance and the potential present in worldwide cooperation for charity and social service.

Two years ago I also discovered my passion for travelling. I believe it is a unique way of broadening horizons and perspectives, fighting prejudice and, most importantly, learning. I travel whenever I can and I believe every tiny place in the world has a story to tell, thus I also try to collect those. I am big fan of Bob Dylan, universal literature and sun.

In my life I certainly want to use my writing to create some global awareness and am very thankful for being part of PA team and having some space close to these nice people to start doing this.


Ryan in KenyaI am the founder of Positive Activism, and have been involved in Nonprofit work for several years. I have done work in Kenya, South Africa, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Chicago, New Orleans, and more. I have two Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Democracy and Justice Studies and a Masters in International Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin.

I created Positive Activism with the hope of bringing like minded students together around the idea of changing the world with a smile on our faces. I am passionate about the issues of Hunger, Poverty, Inequality, and peace! And my favorite color is blue, if you haven’t noticed by now.

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