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Governor Walker Needs to Reconsider His New Drug Testing Policy

In Wisconsin, whatever Governor Walker’s intentions may be with his drug testing policy, the evidence shows that to implement such a policy would condemn WI taxpayers to frivolous spending in order to catch insignificant amounts of users. Additionally, it is morally wrong to use taxpayer funds in order to violate the constitutional rights of the poor.

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Positive Activism Fall Spotlight: Aly Wane

Every quarter, Positive Activism seeks to discover a new activist and find out what what really makes them tick! This fall’s spotlight piece features Aly Wane an “illegal alien” fighting for peace, equality, and the fair treatment of immigrants. Read…

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Our First Fundraiser. Giving Clean Water to 40 People in Need

Happy September Everyone! I only very recently launched Positive Activism, and let me just say that I am overwhelmed with the initial response I got. The website reached over 2,000 hits in the past two days, which is very good…

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