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Pearson’s Department of State: Should Corporations be Allowed to Decide Who Serves in Government?

Pearson, the education publishing giant is the gatekeeper for those wishing to serve at the department of state. Should corporations be allowed to control who becomes public servants and who doesn’t?

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Opinion: Bernie Sanders, the Sheepdog Socialist

Will Sanders’s campaign usher in change for the Democratic Party, or will it serve to Shepard young liberals into Hilary’s camp? One socialist weighs in on Bernie’s legitimacy as a candidate and as a progressive.

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Activist Watch List: Noam Chomsky and the Manufacturing of Consent

AWL is a series in which we take a look at documentaries or otherwise important video content that illuminates the issues and conflicts at the heart of the activist community. This episode features “Manufacturing Consent” which highlights Chomsky’s probing analysis of mass media and his critique of the forces at work behind the daily news.

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Capitalizing on Breast Cancer: Who is Profiting From Breast Cancer Awareness?

Sarah Ashley – Buffalo NY For a brief history of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month click here. Lot$ and lot$ of Pink This month there is pink everywhere.  Pink office supplies, pink ribbons on shampoo, pink apparel, pink cellphone covers……

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Saving Lives and the Planet at the Same Time: An Argument for a Plant Based Lifestyle.

Perhaps the greatest solution to reducing climate change and living for the greater good of the planet would be to end the consummation of animals and adopt not only a plant-based diet, but also a plant-based lifestyle.

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The “Thigh Gap,” and Breaking the Corporate Mirror

While one could write for ages about the health risks of obsessing over unrealistic body images, it is imperative that we consider where these images come from. The Latest Trend For those of you who do not know, the “thigh gap,” as…

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Your True Purchasing Power – Part Two – Behind Every Product is a Story

Ever think about where our food, clothes, and all other products come from and how they are produced? While this thought may occur when we purchase everyday products, we sometimes just buy a certain product because it’s convenient or, for…

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Your True Purchasing Power – Part One – Using Your Money as a Political Tool

Welcome to the first part of a two part series on purchasing power. This short series will focus around the idea that you, and I, and each individual consumer is a political actor, whether we know it or not, and…

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A Word on Responsible Giving

First of all congrats on all that money! I gotta say I’m jealous. But let’s be honest, you don’t deserve that! I just gave it to you! You should at least donate a little bit. Let’s say $100. To cancer…

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