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In Response to Helen Zille’s “The Real Story Behind the Lwandle Evictions,” and her “Law of the Jungle” Comments.

At least in the jungle communities can live without fear of such crimes, and not have to wonder whether or not their own government will play politics with what remains of their lives.

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Invisible Children: Trying to End a 27 Year Long War

Children are being kidnapped straight from their homes, but what happens once they are in the army? Girls are forced into violent sex slavery, boys are forced to carry guns and become child soldiers and if anyone makes a struggle in any action they’re ordered to do, they are beaten on the spot and possibly shot by another child soldier.

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Extreme Poverty in Western America: Pine Ridge Reservation.

NOTE This article, while drawing many ties, does not focus itself on the trail of tears or genocide of the Native American. If you are interested in this topic, start here. Update 7/24/2013 Added Red Cloud Indian School. A brief introduction…

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Kenyan Education Service Trip

You may already be familiar with our Kenyan Education Initiative, the fundraiser in which our fans (that’s you) raised over $3,000 in order to fund the education of poor children in Meru Kenya. If you are not, we strongly urge…

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A Word on Responsible Giving

First of all congrats on all that money! I gotta say I’m jealous. But let’s be honest, you don’t deserve that! I just gave it to you! You should at least donate a little bit. Let’s say $100. To cancer…

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Liberty in North Korea — A Disturbing Humanitarian Crisis

Welcome to Positive Activism. Our first post focuses on the horrible situation in North Korea.  Back-story North Korea, a nation formed, sustained, and broken by war. World War II brought about the end of Japan’s colonization of Korea, and the formation…

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